Eagles & Empires

A 14-day Mongolian adventure, where ancient landscapes meet timeless traditions

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Embark on a 14-day epic adventure through the heart of Mongolia, a journey that blends the ancient with the untamed, the serene with the spectacular. From the bustling streets of Ulaanbaatar to the whispering sands of Elsen Taserkhai, this tour promises an immersion into Mongolia’s profound beauty and rich cultural tapestry. Ride with wild horses in the shadows of Khustai National Park, stand in awe at the spiritual Erdene Zu Monastery, and share tales under the stars with nomadic families. Each day unfolds as a chapter from an adventurer’s diary, inviting you to write your own story amidst Mongolia’s endless skies and sweeping landscapes.

1.1 Why choose this tour?

  • Experience the unparalleled beauty of Mongolia’s diverse landscapes, from towering dunes to serene lakes.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Mongolian culture, from city life to nomadic traditions.
  • Engage in unforgettable adventures, including horse and camel riding, meeting eagle hunters, and staying with nomadic families.

02 Overview

  • Style: Self-Drive
  • Terrain: Asphalt, Dirt Tracks, Sandy Tracks
  • Tour Level: 4

Our tour levels are graded from 1 (easy) to 5 (challenging), with each level reflecting the complexity and challenge based on multiple factors.



14 Days

3,500 KM

03 Itinerary

Day City Pulse Unleashed

  • Hotel
  • Dive into Ulaanbaatar's vibrant life, where tradition meets modernity.

Day Desert Wilds & Wild Horses

  • Camping
  • Gallop through Khustai's dunes, eyes wide for wild horses.

Day Monastery Mystique

  • Hotel
  • Unveil Erdene Zu's ancient secrets, a spiritual odyssey.

Day Volcano Ventures

  • Camping
  • Climb Khorgoo's craters, where earth whispers to sky.

Day Lake Serenity

  • Camping
  • Swim in Khyargas Lake, where waters mirror the heavens.

Day Ulangom's Hidden Gem

  • Camping
  • Discover Uureg Lake's untouched beauty, Mongolia's secret.

Day Market Marvels

  • Hotel
  • Explore Ulgii's black market, a treasure trove of the unexpected.

Day Eagles & Equines

  • Traditional Ger
  • Ride with eagle hunters, where humans and birds unite.

Day Nomadic Brotherhood

  • Traditional Ger
  • Embrace the nomad's path, horseback under wide-open skies.

Day Altai's Ancient Echoes

  • Hotel
  • Wander Altai Town, where history's footsteps guide you.

Day Nomadic Nights

  • Camping
  • Live with nomadic families, sharing stories and traditions.

Day Heart of the Steppe

  • Camping
  • Continue your nomadic family journey, a soulful encounter.

Day Desert Dreams

  • Camping
  • Roam Elsen Taserkhai's sands, where dreams are sculpted.

Day Farewell Symphony

  • Hotel
  • Return to Ulaanbaatar, carrying memories for a lifetime.

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What's Included

5.1 Basics

Prepare to immerse yourself in everything Mongolia has to offer, as we take care of every detail for you to simply unwind and enjoy!

  • Around-the-clock Remote Support
  • Detailed Route Map
  • Complete Camping Gear

Our goal is to make your journey purely about adventure and completely free of any inconvenience!

5.2 Car

Feel confident driving anywhere in Mongolia with our rugged and reliable range of off-road cars. We offer a variety of models; choose the one that suits you best.


Land Cruiser 76

Land Cruiser 250

5.4 Not Included

5.3 Not Included

We aim to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible, and we’re always on hand to answer questions or provide assistance. However, please note that you will need to manage your own food and fuel needs during the journey.

5.3 Accommodation

5.4 Acccommodation

Dive into a unique blend of comfort and adventure with our thoughtfully selected accommodations. From cozy hotel stays that bookend your journey to serene nights camping under the vast Mongolian sky and authentic experiences in traditional Ger camps, each night is an invitation to connect deeply with the land’s spirit and tranquility. Your rest is as adventurous as your days, ensuring a journey that touches the soul.


Traditional Ger Camps


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